Attractions in the most popular destination of tourists of Hungary, Budapest

About the capital of Hungary, Budapest

Pictures National Park Hortobágy, The Nine-holed Bridge

In 1987 Castle Hill and the banks of the Danube, and in 2002 Andrássy Avenue and the surrounding historical environment, Millennium Underground railway, and Heroes' Square are added to the list of World heritage Sites.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, the political, cultural, industrial, commercial and transport center of the country, and also famous for its thermal baths. Budapest is the eighth most populous city in the European Union. Budapest lies on both side of river Danube, where Great Plain, Transdanubian and North Hungarian Mountains join each other. Due to its geographical endowment Budapest is considered to be one of the most beautifully situated capitals of the world. The present-day Budapest became a metropolis in the last third of the 19th century, and in the 20th century.

Budapest is choosen for destination by over 2,3 million tourists.

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Budapest is a World-famous spa town, spas of Budapest are popular attractions for medical tourism. Ten spas utilize the specially formulated thermal water, most of them are also historical and tourist attractions as well.

You can visit many attractions, such as monuments, churches, castles, ancient, medieval and Ottoman monuments, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Renaissance, Eclectic and Art Nouveau buildings and houses, 223 museums and galleries (many of them are internationally renowned collections), historic bridges, statues and monuments in Budapest.

The oldest bridges of Budapest are the major tourist attractions: Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Liberty Bridge, and Elizabeth Bridge, wich has become a defining element of the urban landscape despite its modern design. The largest public parks are very popular tourist attractions: Budapest City Park and People's Park, and the two landscaped islands of Danube between Pest and Buda, Margaret Island and the Óbuda Island.

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